Thursday, September 3, 2009

Gulliver's Travels Cast List

Gulliver’s Travels Cast List

Appearing throughout:
Lemuel Gulliver – Jordan James
Jonathan Swift – Tony Maggio

Act One:
Voyage 1

The Guard – Tanner Baker
The Farmer – Evan Pol
The Wife – Hope Roberts
The Emperor – Charlie Kapper
Royal Advisor – Corbin White

Voyage 2

Reaper – Nathan Testa
Reaper’s Wife – Chelsea Miller
Daughter – Kenidee Zentiska
Son – Mackauli Bolyard-Pizana
Neighbor – Kayvin Tyler
Queen – Paige Krejci
Royal Ladies in Waiting: Bianca Kontra,
Morgan Lett
Royal Expert – Gavin Van Winklebright
Royal Dwarf – Edward Suber

Act Two:
Voyage 3

Pirate Captain – Sam Puglia
1st Laputian – Sarah Whitaker
2nd Laputian – Matt Daulbaugh
King of Laputa – Terrell Grant
Dean of the Academy – Haley Calhoun
Scholars: Erin Siegferth, Xaverie Baker,
Francine Parr, Desirae Smith,
Chris Humbert, Adi Haas
Governor of Glubbdubdrig – Jordan Euell
Native 1 – Mackenzie Sandor
Native 2 – Jalia Head

Voyage 4

Yahoos: Souj Geib, Grace Thanasiu,
Morgan Kell, Emily Markuz, Rachel Kunz, Kiara Anderson,
Jack Roher, Sam Michael
Dapple Grey – Morgan Csejtey
Brown Bay – Brooke Francis
Gulliver’s Wife – Ivori Balas
Gulliver’s Son – Alontae Alexander
Gulliver’s Daughter – Tyra Decatur

First Rehearsal for the entire cast:
Friday, September 4, 2009
3:15 – 5:00 PM in the Auditorium
followed by a
Mandatory Parent/Guardian meeting from 5 PM to 5:30 PM
In the Dining Hall.
Rehearsal schedules and scripts will be given out on Friday.


  1. Good Job to everyone that got in!!!

  2. So gland this many people I know got in! Cograts to all that got in! Also good job to all who tried out but didn't get in!