Thursday, October 1, 2009

Podcasting from the Little Theatre

Podcasting is something I have been wanting to investigate for a number of years. Thanks to our principal, Mrs. Altwies, this week staff members have been able to work one-on-one with APS technology experts. They helped me set up a sound-recording system that utilizes our eMacs, a device known as an MBox 2 Mini and a very nice studio microphone designed for voice-recording. (The MBox, microphone and mic stand were purchased using DPA funds, so thank you Drama Parents!)

The MBox plugs into an eMac. The microphone plugs into the MBox, which digitizes the sound from the mic and imports it into the computer. We are using GarageBand podcasting software for our voice-over and podcasting work. It is a simple program to learn, yet allows the students to become familiar with the basics of sound editing.

All drama students will be learning how to use this recording set-up. Along with recording techniques, students will learn how to use their voices in a variety of ways. They will experience straight reporting as well as trying out a variety of character voices. The best way I have found to improve one's voice is to actually listen to it played back. Then the young actor can hear for herself if her articulation is effective or his tonal qualities are appropriate for the character being portrayed. All actors can begin to work with rhythm and timing, utilizing underscoring music to enhance the mood and tempo.

The podcast player will always appear at the top of the sidebar on this blog. You can subscribe to our podcasts via iTunes. Once I figure out how to do that, I will put a subscription link on this blog.

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